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Ryan Raisch worked on my rental house from November 26, 2013 to January 14, 2013. He renovated a fire damaged house. The right side of the house and roof was damaged by an arson fire. He was paid a $1000.00 September 3, 2012 for an architect drawings and plot plan. He was paid $3000.00 November 9, 2013 to start work on the house upon his request and by contract which was initially supposed to have began by November 12, 2012. Ryan Raisch started the job November 26, 2012. The owner supplied the material and rolloff for the job. An account for the supplies was setup for the lumber through a local supplier. The rolloff was delivered on 11-12-12 upon his request.

These are the work deficiencies that were discovered by me, inspectors and other contractors.

1. External roof vent installation on left dormer side was not installed. (Discovered by owner -Corrected by Raisch)

2. Roof collar ties were not installed. (Discovered KCKS inspector – Not corrected by Raisch) Stated he did not know what they were during the initial conversation.)

3. Flue pipe was not cut into the roof. (Discovered by KCKS Inspector – Not corrected by Raisch) (This was rediscovered when owner got the gas line inspected. Stated that he was going to do it the next week when he got paid for week's work.)

4. Ceiling joists were not supported by a bearing wall in bathroom. (Discovered by KCKS Inspector - Not corrected by Raisch)(Stated that he did not know what the inspector was talking about.)

5. Fire damaged floor joists had to be reinforced. This was not on the architectural plans, but I was told by another contractor that he should have fixed them on his own. (Discovered by KCKS Inspector – Not corrected by Raisch) Ryan Raisch offered to do it for $1000.00 while offering to fix the collar ties for free. It was reinforced by another contractor for $300.00.

6. Ryan Raisch did not build an access door into the ceiling. (Discovered by another contractor – Not corrected by Raisch)

7. Guttering on the house was installed over the flashing causing water to run down the face/side of the house. (Discovered by owner -Not corrected by Raisch)

8. Ryan Raisch ordered six pieces of 2 x 12 x 16 feet pieces of lumber and used 4 feet off of one of the piece and did not return the rest of the lumber to the supplier. (Discovered by owner (Value $120.00)

9. The top rail of the back fence was broken and one of the front awnings was badly damaged. (Discovered by owner – Not corrected by Raisch) (I had to remove the awning from the house.)

10. Ryan Raisch changed the roof overhang architecture in front of the house without informing the owner (Discovered by owner – Not corrected by Raisch)

11. It was a dry season and he missed a lot of good weather. Ryan Raisch and supposedly his crew (wife most days) had to work after the first bad weather after December 20, 2012. The house was not roofed nor was the side of the house closed when the bad weather started. The roof was shingled January 7, 2012. It took three more weeks to get the doors and windows installed.

12. This is what he did in a two week period, in his own words. Keep in mind, he removed the roof the week before. December 16, 2012, “We made good progress last week. We got the old roof removed and the wall rebuilt and sheeted. The new roof is built and about half sheeted with plywood. Tomorrow we will get the rest of the plywood on the roof if the weather permits. Weather permitting; the roof carpentry will be completed in a few days. The rest of the sheathing needs to be installed as well as structural bracing and drywall backing and a few other things to get it to code. The other things that need to be completed … There are two plumbing vents … would be best to have a plumber come out to look to make sure that it will pass the plumbing code.”

13. He did not return the house keys. This may be the fault of USPS snail mail.

Ryan Raisch requests to be paid weekly on a time basis. The time he puts in is questionable due to the times that he was not present and working. It appears that his full work day is 9:00 am to 3:00pm in good weather. Owner insisted that he cleanup the work site before getting paid.

Ryan Raisch was paid in full for the work he did to my regret. He was informed of most of the problems except for 7 and 10 and given ample time to correct the deficiencies. I do not recommend his work to anyone. He lacks integrity!

Ryan Raisch cost me, beyond rental income, at least $10,000.00 for the poor workmanship and time.

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